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A jump rope that can count your number of reps, time your workout, estimate how many calories you burn, and switch to speed training balls.

The SmartRope promises:

  • Multifunctionality: The HD LED display on one handle shows Weight, Timer, Loop Counter, and Calories Burned. 
    • Weight: So it can accurately measure your calories burned.
    • Timer: Times how long your jump workout is as you go. Alternatively, you can set a timer and this beeps when it's done.
    • Loop Counter: Counts your number of loops as you go. Alternatively, you can log in the number of reps you aim to do and the handle beeps when you reach it. 
    • Calories Burned: Estimated how many you did from your jump workout.

  • Ease in Adjusting the Rope: The 9-feet long rope can easily be adjustable to your desired length. It is suitable for everyone; all ages, heights, and levels.

  • Speed Training Balls: Easily switch to this ropeless jump rope system that comes with every package.
    • Practice your form and performance at your own pace without worrying about tripping or getting hit. Perfect for kids, elders, and beginners.
    • Be able to do your jump workout even with tight space.
    • Increase your speed and coordination for practice in mastering tricks such as double unders.

  • High Quality: The rope is made out of sturdy, lightweight, and tangle-free PVC rope. The speed training balls ensure smooth, effortless, and even rotation every time.

  • Convenience: Every package comes with an extra battery and a screwdriver to open the back when it's ready to be charged. It also comes with an instruction manual to guide you in kickstarting your SmartRope journey.

Package Includes:

  • 2 handles (1 plain, 1 with screen & battery)
  • 1 rope
  • 1 pair speed training balls
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 1 extra battery
  • 1 screwdriver

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