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TSG Adjustable Hip Band

TSG Adjustable Hip Band

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A fabric resistance band which length, and therefore resistance, can be easily adjusted.

This adjustable hip band promises:

  • Openness to All Levels: Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in booty workouts? Don't fret, this hip band is open to all levels! The band itself is HEAVY (40-50 lbs) but adjusting its length could make it easier or harder.
  • Ease in Adjusting the Resistance: Adjust the length or resistance easily with the buckle of the band—similar to a belt's concept. The 3 cloth inserters allow you to tuck the band according to its length. 
  • High Quality: The band is a combination of heavy-duty natural latex and thick polyester + cotton fabric, making it very durable and anti-slip even with its adjusting feature. The buckle is a sturdy plastic hardware that will surely not break.
  • Portability: Why bring 3-5 bands if you can bring just 1 that can fulfill all those functions? This single band comes in a handy mesh bag. It is very lightweight and easy to bring anywhere you go!

Shipping Weight: 0.4 lbs


  • Inner Band: Natural Latex

  • Outer Band: Polyester and Cotton

  • Buckle: Plastic Hardware

  • Inserters: Cloth

  • Label: Natural Latex

  • Bag: Mesh


Package Includes:

  • 1 fabric band
  • 1 mesh bag
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